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"Dr. William James Tidwell is one of the most caring doctors i have met. He has done two mohs surgery on me and they turned out perfect. One was Keystone Flap on my leg it turned out so well that I can hardly see where he did it. i would highly recommend him he is such a caring doctor he called at home each time i had the surgeries . I am getting ready. for another one, so i am not worried about it ,it is on my nose."
Glen Ivy
"I cannot express adequately in words what a great job Dr. William James Tidwell did with my Mohs surgery. I had a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead which required a large amount of skin to be removed. I was very nervous about the outcome, scarring, etc. Dr Tidwell was so kind and compassionate and truly went the extra mile to make sure I was informed about the procedure and comfortable with it. He even called the night of the surgery to check and see how I was feeling. It has been 6 months since my procedure and there is barely a scar! He did a fabulous job and I would highly recommend him to others!!!! We are fortunate to have him in our area! "
Kili Hanes
"Great job!.. Staff and Dr. William James Tidwell where awesome!."
Matthew Danby
"Very happy ,great service. Had mohs surgery and can’t even see any scar at all on my face."
William Caldwell
"Dr. William James Tidwell has removed two basal cell carcinomas for me, one was on my left temple after two months we can't see where he has removed it. I had several stitches. Dr. Tidwell is the best. I highly recommend him. "
Teresa Draper
"Highly recommended!! My boyfriend was treated for a skin cancer. We knew exactly what to expect on the day of the procedure. What we didn't know was how courteous and caring the staff would be. We were impressed with Dr. William James Tidwell as well. He was compassionate, personable, knowledgeable, and completely put my boyfriend at ease during the procedure."
Susie Cain
"Dr. William James Tidwell was great and very efficient . He took his time and explained what was going to take place. I would highly recommend his services. His assistants were very caring also."
Connie Marshall
"Dr. William James Tidwell is awesome! He is knowledgeable, caring, and skilled. My husband had skin cancer above his lip and he did a great job of removing it as the skin cancer was deep and needed reconstruction. People say they cannot even tell he had skin cancer surgery. We are very pleased with Dr. Tidwell and highly recommended him."
Julie Lindsay
"My first experience of dealing with skin cancer and Dr. William James Tidwell made me feel so comfortable always explaining everything in detail. He is the most caring, compassionate doctor. He is a top notch doctor who definitely knows what he's doing. The first skin cancer he removed from my face required 31 stitches and you can barely see the scar. Thank you Dr Tidwell for taking such good care of me."
Linda Cobb
"Dr. William James Tidwell is a caring, compassionate physician. Intelligent, well trained and knowledgeable in his field. I have been well pleased with his service and approach to treatments with my issues with pre-cancerous lesions due to cumulative sun damage. I trust his judgement. Very friendly staff"
Alan Valentine
"Dr. William James Tidwell is simply the best. Knowledgeable beyond compare, compassionate and down to earth. He explains what you need to know in a way that allows you to really understand it. He truly inspires trust. If you have any dermatology issue at all from skin care to cancer, Dr. Tidwell knows his stuff "
Denise Brazzell
"Dr. William James Tidwell is top notch! He is absolutely the best dermatologist! If your looking for a Dr. that is the best in the field and has a great and caring staff Dr. James Tidwell is top of the list. I could not imagine going anywhere else."
Charla Devine
"Over the past six months, I've been treated by Dr. William James Tidwell for two conditions. The second round of treatment was just as caring, professional and friendly as the first. The doctor and the entire staff make the experience as positive as it can be. And, both times, the outcomes have been excellent."
Robert Englert
"I highly recommend Dr. William James Tidwell. I have seen him several times and I always feel confident in my treatment. I never feel rushed and he discusses treatment options. His staff are very helpful and personable. A wonderful place to go to the Dr."
Denise Rudolph
"I would highly recommend Dr. William James Tidwell. He was excellent when my Dad had a melanoma removed from his face."
Melinda Abernathy
"Any diagnosis of cancer is scary. Several of my family have a positive history for skin cancer. Dr. William James Tidwell’s office was professional but personal when they told me I too had a skin cancer. Arrangements were made quickly and efficiently for the surgical removal. Dr Tidwell has a professional manner and takes great pride in his work. But his peaceful and calming demeanor sets him in a class of his own. I am truly grateful he was the physician that removed my basal cell carcinoma on my nose. If you have a need for a dermatologist, I can highly recommend Dr Tidwell and his staff, based on my real experience."
Naomi Miller
"I started seeing Dr. William James Tidwell for what I thought would be a simple visit. After finding a spot on my nose that turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma, that changed. From the very beginning, Dr. Tidwell told me that he was going to make sure everything was removed, and that no one would be able to tell. After going in for a Mohs procedure that also resulted in getting a skin graft done, I was confident, but concerned due to how extensive the procedure was. One thing that impressed me was how confident he was through everything. He knew exactly what he was doing, and was always calm. After about 6 months, Dr. Tidwell was right, I can barely tell he did anything. With the combination of his knowledge, and the fact that he is one of the most caring doctors I have met, I can honestly say I will always see him for anything I need done. Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything. There definitely aren’t many doctors like him anymore, and I will suggest anyone see him for anything dermatology related."
Joshua Lanier
"Through removal of a cancerous lesion and a skin graft on my 91 year old mother, Dr. William James Tidwell was impressive. He and his staff were caring, compassionate, and considerate on the day of the surgery as well as all of the follow-up visits."
Cindy Propes
"I have to say I generally don’t do the review thing BUT, Dr. William James Tidwell definitely deserves this review. He has such a positive attitude and genuinely cares about his patients. He does an incredible job. He takes time with his patients and answers all questions completely. No one likes going to the doctor BUT please take the time and schedule an appointment with him. Skin cancer is not to be taken lightly. Thanks to Dr Tidwell I am cancer free. You can’t even see the scar from the 2 inch long incision!!! THANK YOU Dr. Tidwell! I will be coming back yearly for a check up!"
Billy Travis
"Best dermatologist on the planet, full of compassion. Would recommend for anyone."
Edward Wilson
"Dr. William James Tidwell is very knowledgable and professional."
Jeffery McIntyre
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