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Hair loss

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can affect anyone. Men and women, children and senior citizens, can all be affected with different types of hair loss. If you are experiencing thinning or loss of your hair, call the hair experts at Golden Coast Dermatology, Skin Cancer, and Vein Center today.

Hair Loss

What is hair loss?

There are many types of hair loss. This is known as alopecia. Hair can thin as a natural part of the aging process. There are also conditions that cause discrete areas of loss or permanent scarring of the hair follicles. When the hair follicles have developed excessive scarring, it is very difficult to have the hair fully return. As with most dermatologic conditions and skin cancers, early detection and treatment is critical to achieving the best possible outcome.

Types include:

Getting an accurate diagnosis and early intervention is a very important step. A dermatologist needs to evaluate any significant alopecia as underlying systemic diseases, such as thyroid dysfunction, or nutritional deficiencies can be causing the loss or thinning of hair.

Can it be treated?

Yes. Many forms can be treated with various methods. It is important to start treatment early as once a significant amount of hair has been lost or excessive scarring has destroyed the hair follicles, the odds of the hair returning are very low.

For discrete areas of loss, such as alopecia areata, topical steroids and small injections of medication can help resolve it.

For thinning of hair seen in both men and women as a part of the natural aging process (androgenetic alopecia) there are several treatments available to help people age gracefully. Topical treatments that are minoxidil based are typically the starting point and often combined with oral medications of finasteride, dutasteride, or spironolactone.

A very promising new treatment is platelet rich plasma. This technique uses one’s own natural growth factors to stimulate their DNA and cause new hair to grow. A series of injections have been found to thicken hair and increase the number of actively growing hair follicles.

When should I see someone about my hair loss?

If you are experiencing thinning of hair or alopecia, it is important to have that examined by a professional. Early intervention with the latest treatments can reverse the alopecia and prevent damage.

If you are experiencing thinning of hair or alopecia,it is important to have that examined by a professional. Early intervention withthe latest treatments can reverse the loss and prevent damage.

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